Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tekkit City Chronicles, Vol. 2

A day is a long time in politics, but it's even longer in Minecraft. Two days after I introduced you to our Tekkit server, things had already changed beyond recognition in some places. I'm posting this the day after again, and no doubt when I log back on this evening even more will have changed!

An AFK Tom was lucky here. A skeleton was standing at this door, but fortunately it was a poor shot and just sent a lot of arrows into the same spot on the jamb.

 No, really. A lot of arrows.

The geothermal generator room, also containing various tools added by Buildcraft, one of the mods in Tekkit. Things like an ore macerator and electric-powered furnaces. Actually, since I took this screenshot, it's all moved down the mountainside to our new power station.

The lava pump for the geothermal generator.

Our first houses! There's space there for eight out of the planned four thousand. We're 0.2% of the way there! The empty space on the right is where the aforementioned power station is now located, along with a coke production facility. I love the street light.

Another view of the houses, with a cute little garden behind them. We retroactively decided that these can be workers' houses, what with them being located right next to a power plant.

And a typical interior, showing the bed, running water and electric light. Still to add: food delivery tube, although there was talk of doing that via local shops instead. This room also has a rather stylish sofa, built by Hugh.

This is how my harbour village is coming on. The thing my crosshairs are pointing at will be the back entrance to a boat club. Although work on that has slowed since I'm currently in the job of connecting up the houses, built into the hillside, to the water mains.

It's the Disneyland castle... I mean, Chris' university. The surrounding area will, I suppose, become a campus with student dorms. This is the central building though.

A closer view, showing the scale of it.

It's still under construction, but you can't tell from the front. Well, in actuality, it's finished now, but it was still under construction when I took these shots. Chris works fast. Bangor University's new arts building would have been finished months ago if they'd hired him to do it, instead of Watkin-Jones.

From inside one of the wings, further demonstrating the scale. Chris works big as well as fast.

And finally, the view from the top of the front tower, looking over the desert to the Pantheon. Makes me want to grab a beer, pull up a chair, and just watch the world go by.

And then laugh at my co-constructors as their hard-built structures get blown up by creepers.

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